Retrospect project workshop at NUIG

The retrospect project workshop was held at NUIG on October 3-4th. The objectives were to provide a short introduction to the project, followed by presentations of the work on analyzing cruise data and plans for further work and publications. The second day had presentations on the status of the modeling (assimilation and drift trajectories), and discuss how to bring in cruise results in future modeling efforts. The workshop was attended by Brian Ward (NUIG), Kai Christensen (, Oslo), Svein Sundy (IMR, Bergen), Sebastian Landwehr (NUIG), Anneke ten Doeschate (NUIG), Leonie Esters (NUIG), Brian Scanlon (NUIG), Kjersti Opstad Strand (IMR/UiB, Bergen), Johannes Röhrs (, Oslo), Ann Kristin Sperrevik (, Oslo), and Alfatih Ali (NERC, Bergen).